Wellness Warehouse

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Reduce the impact of your personal care packaging with our consciously produced and housed shampoo bars. They're gentle on your hair and the environment and contain naturally cleansing and nourishing ingredients for healthy hair. We are firm believers in the idea that business should be a force for good in society, and particularly that companies should be conscious of & accountable for the full lifecycle of the products & packaging they put out into the world.
Rs 439.00
Harness the essential fatty acids in castor oil to restore your skin's natural moisture balance with this cleanser and makeup remover for all skin types.
Rs 710.00
A 100% natural facial moisturiser with sun protection for normal and combination skin.
Rs 603.00
Keep your skin hydrated and your complexion even with our 100% natural handmade night cream.
Rs 703.00
A creamy East African shea butter that melts at skin temperature to protect and nourish dry skin, hair and nails.
Rs 500.00
An invigorating blend of essential oils, botanicals and root powders for an energizing experience.
Rs 150.00