Roge Cavailles

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This Cotton Flower Bath and Shower Gel is specifically formulated to cleanse the delicate and sensitive skin of your whole family.
Rs 729.00
This Certified Organic Bath & Shower Gel with Organic Macadamia Oil is specially formulated to cleanse all the family’s delicate and sensitive skin. Enriched with vegetable Surgras, it helps soften and smooth your skin every day by strengthening its hydrolipidic film. With a formula containing 98.3% naturally-sourced ingredients, this Bath & Shower Gel is a natural solution for your skin. Your skin is nourished naturally and regenerates more easily thanks to the combination of organic Macadamia oil, an active ingredient rich in vitamins and fatty acids, and organic Almond oil. The creamy lather has a 100% natural fragrance and makes your bath or shower a real treat. Apply to ready-dampened skin, then lather. The Bath & Shower Gel with vegetable Surgras rinses off easily with lukewarm water.
Rs 779.00
You no longer have to choose between properly caring for your sensitive skin and truly enjoying your daily shower!
Rs 389.00
Rogé Cavaillès Universal Oil of Surgras 150ml is a face and body care product formulated to help preserve the natural regeneration process of the skin of the whole family.
Rs 899.00
This Fig Milk Bath and Shower Milk is specially formulated to cleanse all the family’s delicate and dry skin. Enriched with active Surgras, this Shower Milk melts on your skin and gently cleanses it while helping preserve its natural moisturization. This Moisturizing Shower Milk combines the beneficial properties of milk proteins and emollient oils to protect your skin on a daily basis and intensively moisturize it. Its milk texture turns into a creamy foam delicately scented with fig milk that melts on your skin and leaves it soft and moisturized. In the shower or bath, apply Moisturizing Shower Milk to ready-dampened skin. Lather and rinse with clear water.
Rs 399.00
This Nourishing Cream Soap with Shea Butter & Magnolia gently cleanses and protects dry and sensitive skin. Its ultra-creamy texture and fragrance of white flowers will make you melt with pleasure. The combination of nourishing ingredients and a plant-derived base helps preserve moisture and leaves your skin soft and silky. This creamy soap transforms into a rich foam that melts on your skin. This Soap for Dry and Sensitive Skin is so mild it can be used daily on both face and body. In the shower or bath, rub the Shea Butter & Magnolia Soap bar between your hands and inhale its intoxicating fragrance. Lather all over the body and rinse thoroughly with clear water.
Rs 229.00