Roge Cavailles

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Its formula enriched with absorbent microtalc combats sweat and moisture as soon as they begin to form.
Rs 409.00
Dermato Treatment Compact Deodorant Spray is twice as small as a traditional aerosol, but it offers the same effectiveness and number of uses.
Rs 419.00
Small, colorful formats made with all-natural extracts for the ultimate in gentle skincare.
Rs 289.00
This Certified Organic Bath & Shower Gel with Organic Aloe Vera is specially formulated to cleanse all the family’s delicate and sensitive skin. Enriched with plant-derived Surgras, it helps soften and smooth your skin on a daily basis by strengthening its hydrolipidic film. With a formula containing 98.3% naturally-sourced ingredients, this Bath & Shower Gel is a natural solution for your skin. Its combination of Organic Aloe Vera, an active ingredient rich in nutrients and trace elements, and Organic Almond Oil, protects and nourishes skin naturally. Its creamy lather has a 100% natural fragrance and makes your bath or shower a real treat. Apply to ready-dampened skin, then lather. The Bath & Shower Gel with vegetable Surgras rinses off easily with lukewarm water.
Rs 779.00
Well protected, your skin stays soft and hydrated.
Rs 729.00
When your skin is well-protected, it stays smooth and moisturized!
Rs 399.00