Pallavi Ramhit

MedActiv Phoenix

Having always being inspired by the field of healthcare, I graduated from the University of Mauritius with a First-class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy (BPharm) in 2015. With a major interest in medicine, I carried out a project on the biological effects of some selected Mauritian endemic plants in at the University of Mauritius and today I am among the writers of an article titled ‘Multi-targeted effects of untapped resources from the Mauritian endemic flora’, published in the South African Journal of Botany. I am also a member of the Pharmacy Association of Mauritius (PAM). As a result of my exposure to different pharmacy settings including Victoria Hospital, A.G Jeetoo hospital, Fortis Clinique Darne and Ajanta Pharma (Mauritius) Limited, I have acquired greater knowledge, skills and experience in the pharmacy profession. Being passionate, optimistic and motivated, I joined MedActiv as pharmacist in June 2017. With full dedication towards my work, my team and the customers, I am currently the pharmacist in charge of MedActiv Galien. Having the IBL values engrossed in my heart I strive for excellence in serving our customers to their full satisfaction.

Ziaad Dil Hossain

MedActiv Cascavelle

Holder of a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with a focus in Pharmacy from the University of Mauritius, I joined MedActiv in 2017. I am an Associate Member of The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain since May 2014, with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. I acquired extensive experience working in industrial pharmacy, public and private hospitals and in community pharmacy. During my career, I gained skills mainly in retail pharmacy, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacy management and pharmacovigilance. I have a particular interest in dermatology, dermatocosmetics and cosmetology. I published a research paper titled Traditional Medicines for Common Dermatological Disorders in Mauritius and also co-authored a book chapter on Herbal Therapies against Common Dermatological Disorders.

Robin Durga

MedActiv La Chaussée

I graduated from Manipal University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Pharmacy with distinction in Pharmacology. After completing my degree, I worked as pharmacist for 8 years in the public health sector and was based in a community pharmacy. My professional experience also includes delivering lectures at university level. Early in my career, I realized the importance of good management for smooth running of the business, enthused team, a pleasant workplace culture and staying tuned to customer’s demands. Since then I pursued a post-graduate diploma in management studies and now hold a Master in Business Administration with distinction from the University of Sunderland. Today, I still run into former customers who recognise me from places where I worked across the island. The most enjoyable part of the job is the interaction with different people and the best challenge is to satisfy all clients and improve their lifestyle through health tips. In my free time, I enjoy keeping abreast with latest product-market trends, savoring fine dishes, hiking and sight-seeing.

Varsha Sunneechurra-Jankee

MedActiv Rose Belle

After gaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and an MBA, I started my career at IBL in 2010 after my internship at J.Nehru Hospital. I started at MedActiv Rose-Belle then moved to Phoenix, Ebene and Chaussée. My journey in the company has been very enriching and inspiring, helping me develop both professionally and personally. My independence and confidence has helped me to overcome all varieties of challenges that have come my way. I am married, a mother to an adorable daughter and I am a passionate lover of nature. I love mountain hiking as well as baking. Being friendly and jovial by nature has helped me to make lots of friends within the company. I also ensure that I always maintain a cordial and respectful relationship with my staff members at work. However, being a perfectionist, I also keep an eagle eye on the day to day business so as to prevent any kind of infringement which may affect the company’s image. I would willingly step in anytime for counselling of patients at the pharmacy, assuring customer satisfaction without forgetting that golden human touch. “Customers loves certainty, make sure you give it to them”.

Joy R Bissoondoyal

MedActiv Ebene

I am a licensed pharmacist since 1987 and have been a retail pharmacist in Mauritius for the last 31 years. As a pharmacist I strive to provide comfort and care to my patients and also ensure responsible use of medications as well as help to monitor returning patients for possible side effects. I graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree in 1984 and completed my Master of Pharmacy Degree in 1986 at Jadavpur University Kolkata, India. After graduating I also obtained a certificate in Homeopathy from Institut Boiron, France in 1990. I completed my Pre-Registration Training for 1 year at Dr. Jeetoo Hospital and worked in retail pharmacies for 15 years before joining IBL Group in 2003 and served as Pharmacist-in-charge and retail manager for 10 years at Trianon Pharmacy and 5 years at Chaussee Pharmacy. I am a member of the Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius since 1987. Continuous Education has become my passion and my main goal is to take journal citations, clinical guidelines and other education sources and translate the information into tools and materials that are important to customers and pharmacy assistants.

Farheen Khayrattee

MedActiv Cassis

I came back from Bangalore in 2016 with a Bachelor in Pharmacy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. I worked in retail setting for 1 and a half years after moving on to wholesale. I joined MedActiv in 2019 and am posted as MedActiv Cassis. My passion lies in providing adequate information to patients so that they can understand the importance of compliance to their treatments. I believe that my patients’ wellbeing is a top priority and am always eager to provide proper counselling. I am a fan of Asian cooking and music, with a soft spot for Korean culture.