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With chlorhexidine and calcium carbonate, Elgydium Anti-plaque toothpaste effectively prevents the build-up of dental plaque every day. It also helps protect against tartar and gum irritation.
Rs 367.50
Elgydium Clinic Sensileave Gel 30ml is a fluorinol protective dental gel that relieves pain associated with dental hypersensitivity and helps to clog exposed tubuli.
Rs 440.50
Elgydium Irritated Gums is a decongestant and an analgesic to cure gingivitis and injuries due to prosthesis or braces.
Rs 394.00
Elgydium Tooth Decay Protection Toothpaste is a toothpaste designed for effective protection against the acid attacks that cause tooth decay.
Rs 367.50
Elgydium Whitening toothpaste helps to remove superficial tooth discolouration (caused in particular by food and drink or smoking) while caring for the teeth. It is mint-flavoured and prolongs whiteness following tartar removal or professional whitening.
Rs 406.50
Anti-caries High efficiency anti-caries toothpaste Clinically proven With sugar acid neutralizer
Rs 310.00
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