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This is a light lotion that won't leave you feeling greasy but will deliver omega-6's from Kalahari Melon. It's pH balanced and has inulin as a topical prebiotic. The formulation is self-preserving, therefore no synthetic preservatives are added.
Rs 385.00
The fresh, fruity scented Kalahari Melon Body Wash contains added Omega-6 to help soften and condition the skin. It is also completely biodegradable, so you can give your skin the indulgence it deserves, while also preventing any harm to the environment.
Rs 1,650.00
This wash is perfect for sensitive skin. Africa Organics uses mild, biodegradable foaming agents and add anti-oxidants from Rooibos and Honeybush. Kalahari Melon has omega-6's to help condition your skin and they have only used two fragrance oils - Orange and Frankincense.
Rs 385.00
This is a fresh, minty wash that'll perk you up in the morning. Africa Organics used mild, natural foaming agents that will biodegrade rapidly and won't strip your skin. They have also added Marula oil to help maintain skin lipids.
Rs 385.00
Artelac Advanced provides you with ongoing relief by replenishing and locking in moisture in all 3 layers of the tear film.
Rs 320.00
Artelac Lipids is an ideal product for providing strong long-lasting relief for dry eyes.
Rs 485.00
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