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Hyaluronic Acid, the most fundamental substance for the youthfulness of your skin, deserved a base that matched its effectiveness. Mission accomplished with this ultra-moisturizing, plumping and anti-aging serum.
Rs 1,995.00
Guaranteed softness, absolute comfort: visibly less dry skin in just one application! This is what Novexpert has done to create the Protective Rich Cream, a clever blend of active ingredients inspired by the protective fluid for infants and the 5 Omegas. This unique balm provides immediate comfort and long-lasting nourishment to the skin, all without leaving a greasy film!
Rs 1,495.00
A cleanser that has the luxury of being a treatment! This micellar water combines the effectiveness of a cleanser and a makeup remover without rinsing with the performance of a moisturizing and revitalizing care full of Hyaluronic Acid.
Rs 945.00
The paradox: the gentler, the more effective! Can an anti-pollution cleanser be a real anti-imperfection treatment? Clinical studies show it indisputably for the Foaming Gel: 99.8% of pollutants eliminated.
Rs 472.50 Rs 525.00
3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. The magic formula for your skin! 5 beneficial omegas for the skin in one bottle! The famous Omega 3, the mysterious Omega 5, the essential Omega 6 & 9 and the future star, Omega 7. The promise? Intense nutrition and a concentrate of 100% plant-based anti-ageing ingredients.
Rs 1,595.00
Novexpert The Repulp Cream is a 100% natural cream that increases the volume of the skin's surface by activating collagen and hyaluronic acid in the dermis.
Rs 1,995.00
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