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MedActiv launches its new self-service area

September 19, 2018

MedActiv launches its new self-service area

A perfect start for MedActiv for this month of September! To better serve the Mauritian public, two of its pharmacies – La Chaussée and Cascavelle – have been renovated to favour a self-service area. In mid-September, this innovation comes with special offers and gifts to be won on a variety of parapharmaceutical products.

Interactivity and special offers

Aiming at redefining the interaction with their customers, the two pharmacies have been reorganised. Thus, customers are free to move through the pharmacy on a self-service basis. This new addition to the Medical Trading Company Ltd network, better known as MedActiv, was inspired by what is being done internationally. This innovation comes in line with a visual identity reviewed since September 13, revitalising the pharmaceutical sector’s image. MedActiv even goes a step further and is already planning the reorganisation of its other pharmacies – particularly in Trianon, Ebene and Phoenix – by the end of the year.

To please its customers, MedActiv announces special offers in all pharmacies from September 13 to October 6.

Discounts up to 35% on some cosmetics are scheduled, as well as gifts received after purchase.

A network that has been reinventing itself for almost 50 years

Since 1970, MedActiv, a leader on the Mauritian market, has implemented diversified and value-added services in the health and beauty sectors. In addition to its large catalogue of 15,000 pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceutical references, – including one chiropody area and one dedicated to slimming products – the network of 7 pharmacies across the island offers the “Payless” service in partnership with Medscheme. Thus, instead of paying the total amount of their prescription and then requesting a refund to the insurance, Medscheme cardholders only pay 20%. The best way of making refund procedures easier!

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