Foaming gel – A refreshing skin cleanser

Foaming gel – A refreshing skin cleanser

Foaming gel: The anti-pollution cleanser


Confronted with ambient air pollution, dust, and sweat sticking to your skin, once you get home in the evening, you want purity when removing your makeup. If you like the contact and freshness of water, the foaming gel will effectively eliminate the pollution and impurities that have accumulated during the day. Opt for a glycerin-based foaming gel, which will leave your skin perfectly hydrated and, most importantly, counter the effects of hard tap water. It is worth noting that foaming gels do not remove all makeup pigments. You never leave the house without a little eye shadow and mascara? Our recommendation: use a makeup removing oil together with a foaming gel.


Foaming gel: A 3 step detox

– Lather a small amount of gel with water and apply in a circular motion.

– Move from the T-zone to the facial contours.

– Then move down towards the neck and nape of the neck and rinse thoroughly with water

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