Dry Hair

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Strengthening and Coating
Rs 574.00
Carapate vegetable oil is a pure, 100% natural, unrefined oil which has not undergone any processing. It retains its original smell. Carapate oil is derived from castor oil. Carapate oil, or black castor oil, is distinguished from castor oil by its extraction process. Carapate oil is derived with heat, castor seeds are roasted, crushed and then brought to a boil. The oil floating on the surface of the water is then collected. Roasting gives this oil its special smell and its black colour.
Rs 394.00
Restore hair shine with of Aloe Vera and wheat protein. For enhanced soft, shiny, and manageable hair.
Rs 491.00
Acacia Honey has a nourishing effect on your hair and will leave it soft, subtly scented, and healthy-looking.
Rs 491.00
Natessance Conditioner Ultra-Rich Balm Shea and Botanical Keratin is a conditioner for dry to very dry hair, frizzy, curly or straightened
Rs 345.00
Natural hair product of high quality, this conditioner combines castor oil and plant-derived keratin, leading active ingredients known for their cosmetic properties.
Rs 345.00