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Everything you need to know about collagen

Do you remember being totally unaware that collagen matters in skin? Possibly when you were 20 years old and your collagen production was so high, 75% higher than it will…
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Foods to avoid during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, the needs of your baby come first. Because of that important change in your life, there are certain foods to avoid during pregnancy. Removing these foods from…
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Pregnancy and acne – good habits to adopt

4 out of 60 expecting moms have acne during their pregnancies. Acne is not just for teenagers. During pregnancy, pregnant women may see their acne problems come back. Hormones are to…
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Menopause and hot flashes – understanding how and why

When hormone levels are altered, the entire balance of the body changes. As well as the end of menstrual cycles, women see other menopausal symptoms and effects affect their everyday…
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Peau de bébé : comment en prendre soin ?

Elle est douce, elle est tendre, elle sent bon, on a envie de l’embrasser à longueur de journée et on résiste à celle de la croquer ! Quoi donc ? La peau…
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Comment soigner une dermatite atopique ?

Elle est sèche et irritable, elle nous démange quotidiennement, et on résiste rarement à l’envie irrépressible de la frotter vigoureusement pour qu’elle se calme l’espace de quelques instants. Ne vous…