Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

The theme of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023 is ‘Keeping Her in The Picture’.

The theme for this Pink month of October is a call to everyone to care for the well-being of the important women in their lives. A woman is a life-giver. A woman can be someone’s mother, sister, wife or close friend. The theme for this year is a plea to everyone to encourage their significant women to perform self-breast examination monthly and go for routine mammography screening for those aged 40 and above. Screening can detect breast cancer in the bud stage, making treatment easier and less painful. Early detection saves lives!

At MedActiv we care for your well-being and we wish to share with you 5 steps on how to do a self-breast examination. Check your breast every month, 7 days after your period. This is to avoid any tenderness associated with the menstrual cycle.

Step 1
Look at your breasts in the mirror with your hands by your sides. Check to see if your breasts are of their usual size, shape and colour. Check for any abnormalities such as redness, swelling and bulging. Raise your hands and check for any abnormalities again.

Step 2
Use the pads of the three middle fingers to press on every part of one breast. Use your right hand to feel your left breast. A circular pattern may help you make sure you check every part of your breast. Start at the outer edge of the breast then move fingers slowly around the whole breast until reaching the nipple. Change the pressure to feel all layers of the breast. Use light pressure, then medium then firm. Light pressure will examine the skin and tissue just below it while a firm pressure will examine the deeper tissue. Feel for any lumps, thick spots or other changes. Cover the same hand movement in the shower when the skin is wet and slippery.

Step 3
Check if your nipple has changed its position or if it has become inverted. Gently press the nipple between your fingers and look for any discharge.

Step 4
Lie down on your back and feel each breast individually with the hand on the opposite side using the same circular hand movement.

Step 5
Check the armpits and collar bones areas for swelling.

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